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Production Highlights

Production Highlights - Moisturizing Lotion


Moisturizing Lotion Production Process

  • We use Hinoki (Japanese cypress) grown in the mountains of Tanzawa to create the cypress water that goes into Moist Lotion. Hinoki is often used to create pillars for buildings, and the water is made by chipping the leftover ends and distilling them.
  • The distillation process combines Hinoki with groundwater from Mt. Fuji. Both essential Hinoki oils and Hinoki water are produced.
  • Numerous prototypes were created before we arrived at the proper Hinoki water aroma. The aroma of Moist Lotion is derived from its raw materials, and this is a key process in determining what it will be like.
  • Moist Lotion is produced in an area under strict hygiene management. Workers don masks and caps, change into clean wear, and finally clean shoes.
  • After the clothing is in order, they wash their hands and then don gloves. The gloves are then disinfected with alcohol, and only then is the worker allowed into the production area.
  • There are several production pots in the room where Moist Lotion is manufactured. The ""dissolution pot"" is used to produce Moist Lotion.
  • Raw materials for Moist Lotion are measured out. All raw materials are measured in teams of two, and they crosscheck each other for the name and amount of the material. The raw materials used in each production lot are recorded.
  • After weighing, raw materials are put in the pot in strict order.
  • Some raw materials are difficult to disperse. Rather than mixing them straight into the dissolution pot, they are first dispersed in Hinoki water.
  • Once all the raw materials are in, the record sheet is checked off. We maintain records of every production run.
  • Workers rigorously confirm each item on the instruction sheet as the process moves forward.
  • Machinery is used to set and manage the temperature within the pot, the times at which devices operate, the number of stirs, and other properties.
  • Once the Moist Lotion is completed, it is checked for quality. In the Inspection Room, it undergoes a battery of intermediate inspections for visual appearance, color, volatility, and pH.
  • If it passes intermediate inspection, it moves on to the filling process, where it is put in containers. All containers are air cleaned prior to use to prevent the admixture of foreign objects.
  • Containers are filled with Moist Lotion. Each of the glass containers is picked up by hand and filled from the machine.
  • Filling volumes are set by the machine, and at predetermined intervals, scales are used to confirm that volumes are correct before work proceeds any further.
  • Then, the caps are tightened and the lot numbers printed on the containers. Samples are removed and stored for 5 years for each production lot.
  • Some processes require human hands and eyes, while others are performed by machine. Each has their own role to play.
  • When filling is completed, the machinery is broken down and given heat treatment and careful cleaning with alcohol.
  • Inspectors perform the final checks, viewing each product individually.
  • Finished products are then moved to the Inspection Room for final inspection.
  • Products are inspected for viable bacterial cell count, and inspectors also use the lotion on themselves to confirm its skin feel and aroma. Products are only shipped to customers if all inspections are passed.