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Production Highlights

Production Highlights - Moisturizing Emulsion


Moisturizing Emulsion Production Process

  • The Moist Emulsion Production Room is located in an area of the factory subject to strict hygiene management.
  • In the Changing Room, workers change into special clean wear and don clean shoes. This is to prevent any foreign matter entering the Production Room from outside.
  • The impregnated oils mixed into Moist Emulsion are produced here. Amachazuru (Jiaogulan), peach flower, peach leaf and peach fruit are placed in vegetable oil and allowed to impregnate it.
  • Before production, all pots and tools are inspected. This includes checking that they are functioning properly, and also looking for any soiling or foreign matter.
  • The raw materials for the Moist Emulsion are measured out. Raw materials are always measured in teams of two, and workers crosscheck each other on the raw material's name and amount.
  • The measured raw materials are put in the pot. The emulsion process is used to mix water and oil. It takes place in a vacuum emulsification pot.
  • In the production of Moist Emulsion, water-soluble raw materials go into the pot first.
  • After a process is completed, the inside of the pot is checked. If it is okay, the next raw materials go in.
  • All of the oil soluble raw materials enter the pot. When the process is complete, the content will be in a smooth emulsified state. To prevent any change in the valuable plant aromas, essential oils and plant extracts are only mixed in at the very end of the process.
  • When the Moist Emulsion is completed, it is subject to visual appearance, color, volatility and pH checks to assure quality. These intermediate inspections take place in the Inspection Room.
  • Production records are also checked for compliance with the production instruction sheet, and records of the production run are created and retained.
  • After passing intermediate inspection, the product is used to fill the containers.
  • The emulsion is transferred to a stainless steel drum for transportation to the Filling Room. Like the Production Room, the Filling Room also maintains strict hygiene standards.
  • Containers are given air cleaning prior to filling to prevent the admixture of foreign matter.
  • After containers are filled with Moist Emulsion, they are placed in dressing boxes.
  • Each individual container is visually checked by a worker before the internal plugs and caps are affixed.
  • Finally, inspectors visually inspect all of the products to confirm that there are no abnormalities. The Moist Emulsion bottles are also checked to ensure that the lot numbers have been printed.
  • After being worked on by so many people and subject to so many inspections, products are finally ready to go into their dressing boxes.
  • The final inspection is performed in the Inspection Room. Inspectors measure viable bacterial cell counts, and they also use the product on themselves to check skin feel and aroma.
  • Products that pass final inspection are stored in a warehouse on the north base of Mt. Fuji until they are shipped to fulfill orders.