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Plant Extract and Plant Oil Amachazuru

Plant Extract and Plant Oil Amachazuru



Academic name Gynostemma pentaphyllum
Family Cucurbitaceae
Production area Fujikawaguchiko-machi in Yamanashi Prefecture
Extracted from Leaf, Stalk
Used in Washing Soap,Mild Washing Soap,Moisturizing Lotion,Deep Moisturizing Lotion,Moisturizing Emulsion,Deep Moisturizing Emulsion,Body Soap,Shampoo

Amachazuru (Jiaogulan) is noted for its distinctive thin vines that look like curly hairs among the leaves. It prefers to grow in shadowy, wet environments. It attaches itself to other plants as the vines extend in search of light. The surface of the leaves is covered with short, smooth hairs that resemble down, and it is slightly sweet when chewed. In the fall, very small, star-shaped, yellow-green blossoms appear. It is at this time that the portions of the plant above ground are cut, and the leaves carefully collected and dried for use as raw materials in plant extract and plant oil. The plant is rich in saponin, which is also found in ginseng.

Plant and Production Area

Plant and Production Area

(1) Like ivy, amachazuru sends out the vines to grow.
(2) Tendrils extend from the stalk and attach themselves to other plants.
(3) It prefers to grow in semi-shadowy areas with large concentrations of trees and constantly moist ground.
(4) Very little of the plant appears above ground, but it sends down deep, strong roots in pots.
(5) Cuttings can be made in the fall to produce seedlings. After the seedlings have grown, they are transferred to the farm.