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Plant Extract and Plant Oil Gen-no-shoko

Plant Extract and Plant Oil Gen-no-shoko



Academic name Geranium thunbergii
Family Geraniaceae
Production area Fujikawaguchiko-machi in Yamanashi Prefecture
Extracted from Entire plant
Used in Moisturizing Lotion,Deep Moisturizing Lotion,Herbal Oil ExtractApricot Kernels

Around the time the cicada begin to sing, the summer sunlight causes lovely flowers resembling plum blossoms to bloom all at once. Gen-no-shoko (Cranesbill Grass) are distributed widely around Japan, but they prefer to grow in bright sunny places. This wild plant is one of the most widely known folk medicines and has long been used in teas and medicinal baths. Its effects can be immediately felt when ingested, and in Japanese, the plant is often referred to as ""real evidence"" for this reason. The highest concentration of active ingredients is said to be when the plant is in bloom. The entire plant is picked and dried for use as raw materials in plant extract.

Plant and Production Area

Plant and Production Area

(1) The adorable white blossoms bloom every summer. Useful ingredients are said to be at their best if the plant is picked when the flowers come into bloom.
(2) Gen-no-shoko seeds are harvested after the blossoms have finished. They open into a shape resembling a Mikoshi shrine.
(3) Plants will grow to around 50 cm, and the stalks extend on the ground.
(4) Gen-no-shoko leaves are a beautiful pale green. Blossoms in Eastern Japan tend to be white; in Western, purple.
(5) The plant prefers grasslands with strong sunlight.