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Plant Extract and Plant Oil Grape

Plant Extract and Plant Oil Grape



Academic name Vitis spp
Family Vitaceae
Production area Yamanashi Prefecture
Extracted from Leaf
Used in Washing Soap,Moisturizing Cream,Body Care Emulsion

No sooner does the peach harvest end in the Kofu Valley than the grape harvest begins. To grow delicious grapes, you must thin the buds early in spring so that nutrition is able to reach all parts of the plant. The grape sprouts picked at this time can be eaten as tempura. There are hundreds of grape varieties around the world, and Japan cultivates dozens of them. The "Koshu Grape" of Yamanashi was already in cultivation at the beginning of the Kamakura Period. Grape leaves contain anthocyanin and other polyphenols.

Plant and Production Area

Plant and Production Area

(1) Grape arbors are often seen in Japan, but are a cultivation method unique to this country. The Shion Winery also uses beautiful hedges like are seen in Europe.
(2) The soft sprouts extend their tendrils vigorously towards the sun.
(3) These are grape babies. Each of the small buds will become a grape.
(4) Mr. Kobayashi manages the vineyard, growing the grapes organically by hand by himself.
(5) The vineyard at Shion Winery in Makiokacho, Yamanashi presents a beautiful, bucolic scene.