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Plant Extract and Plant Oil Hinoki

Plant Extract and Plant Oil Hinoki



Academic name Chamaecyparis obtusa
Family Cupressaceae
Production area Hatano-shi in Kanagawa Prefecture
Extracted from Branch, Trunk
Used in Moisturizing Lotion,Bath Herbs

On Mt. Tanzawa in Kanagawa, there is a large cypress forest that has been protected by generations of craftsmen since the Meiji Period. Hinoki (Japanese Cypress) makes excellent lumber; it is durable and easy to process. it has long been used as a building material for temples and shrines, the most famous of which is the Horyuji Temple built in 607. It is also widely used in household items. The aroma of hinoki lifts the spirits, and it is also known to have antibacterial effects.

Plant and Production Area

Plant and Production Area

(1) Hinoki branches. The bark is a beautiful color of red. The aroma wafts even from small cuts.
(2) The office of Moroto Forest is located in an old Japanese-style house that has been renovated. Hadano-shi, Kanagawa. Deep in the Tanzawa mountains.
(3) Hinoki has just been cut. It is 107 years old and 60 cm in diameter.
(4) Moroto Forest operates a logging concession in the Shiroyama district. This cypress forest is one of the largest in Japan and a rare sight.
(5) Hinoki are planted on slopes. Special cranes are used to bring the tree down from the mountain after it is cut.