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Plant Extract and Plant Oil - Peach

Plant Extract and Plant Oil Peach



Academic name Amygdalus persica
Family Rosaceae
Production area Naefuki-shi in Yamanashi Prefecture
Extracted from Leaf, Flower, Fruit
Used in Moisturizing Lotion,Moisturizing Emulsion,Body Treatment Cream,Bath Essence

When spring finally comes, the Kofu Valley is carpeted in peach blossoms. The city of Kofu is surrounded by tall mountains and experiences sharp differences in daytime and nighttime temperatures. The land drains well, making it perfect for growing peaches. It has been customary since the Edo Period to take a peach bath when the summer heat is at its hottest; peach leaves relieve heat rash, hives and other skin problems. Peach leaves are also known for their moisturizing effects, anti-inflammatory effects, and antioxidant effects.

Plant and Production Area

Plant and Production Area

(1) The beautiful blossoms are at their peak in the spring.
(2) The peach fruit grows thick, but most of it is picked off. Only 2-3 fruits will be left on a branch. These are allowed to grow into large, sweet peaches.
(3) Peach leaves are long and narrow. They are removed from the branches, cleaned with running water and allowed to dry.
(4) Furuya Farm's peach orchard is located in Fuefuki, Yamanashi. It grows 12 varieties of peach.
(5) The branches are heavy with fruit. White sheets are placed at the roots of the tree so that sunlight reflects off them and gives the fruit color.