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Plant Extract and Plant Oil Persimmon

Plant Extract and Plant Oil Persimmon



Academic name Diospyros kaki
Family Diospyros kaki
Production area Fujiyoshida-shi in Yamanashi Prefecture
Extracted from Leaf
Used in Bath Herbs,Refreshing Shampoo

The Arakura area of Fujiyoshida-shi, Yamanashi is home to the unique Arakura persimmon, a variety that has been carefully cultivated for generations. Arakura is located on a lava Plateau, which gives excellent drainage. It is never subject to fog when the flowers come into bloom, and this results in large harvests. After picking, the fruit is skinned and dried so that it does not come in contact with night dew to reduce astringency. The leaves are rich in vitamin C and other nutrients and have long been used in both teas and baths. Leaves picked prior to blossoming are particularly nutritious.