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Plant Extract and Plant Oil Yuzu

Plant Extract and Plant Oil Yuzu



Academic name Citrus junos
Family Rutaceae
Production area Masuho-cho in Yamanashi Prefecture
Extracted from Fruit
Used in Washing Scrub,Moisturizing Lotion,Moisturizing Serum,Bath Herbs

Our Yuzu (Japanese Citron) are grown on the sunny slopes between the mountains in the Masuho district of Fujikawacho in Yamanashi Prefecture. Masuho (now part of Fujikawacho) has a long history of cultivating yuzu, which are said to have first come from seeds spread by the monks of Myohoji Temple on Mt. Komuro, who used it to prepare Buddhist vegetarian cuisine. Yuzu grown in the mountains have a rich aroma because of the sharp differences in temperatures between day and night. Yuzu is a long-loved fruit; since the Edo Period, it has been customary to float yuzu in the bath during winter. The fresh yuzu fruit harvested in December is used to produce plant extract.

Plant and Production Area

Plant and Production Area

(1) Yuzu fruit in late August. Yuzu trees begin to blossom in mid-May, and fruit starts to form in mid-June.
(2) The Hinode Farm grows 2.6 hectares of yuzu. They are divided up over several locations.
(3) Mr.Kawasumi, the current manager of Hinode Farm, has been cultivating yuzu for 50 years.
(4) These yuzu trees date to 1945. The three were planted together, and have grown into a thick covering.
(5) Yuzu branches have long 10 cm thorns that must be avoided when harvesting fruit.